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Amtrak Downeaster - Onboard Amenities

Onboard Amenities

Coach Class: Enjoy comfortable reclining seats with lots of legroom and plenty of space to move around. Fold-down trays, overhead reading lights, free Wi-Fi and electrical outlets are available at every seat. Each coach car is equipped with luggage racks and a restroom, and has at least one set of 4-seat chairs, which give friends and family the chance to enjoy the trip together.

Business Class: For only an additional $9, each Downeaster train offers a small business class section, which includes perks such as extra-spacious fully reclining leather seats, complimentary newspapers, and a free non-alcoholic beverage delivered to your seat. The business class section is conveniently located at the end of the train, adjacent to the Café. The next time you ride, ask about a business class upgrade!

Free Wireless Internet: Passengers can conveniently monitor e-mail or surf the Internet on the Downeaster all for free.

Downeaster Café: The Downeaster Café is located on every train and offers snacks, light meals, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages at a reasonable price for the passengers. Many local and regionally made products are featured, such as Amato's Italian Sandwiches, Wicked Whoopie Pies, Shipyard Microbrews, and more. The menu offerings change often to reflect seasons and special events.

Accessibility: All Downeaster trains welcome passengers with special needs. Our trains and stations are wheelchair-accessible, allow service dogs, and offer assistance whenever needed.

Bicycles: A limited number of spaces are available to transport bicycles on some Downeaster Trains. Bicycles are handled at Brunswick, Portland, and Boston North Station ONLY. Advanced reservations are required, and a $5.00 service charge applies.